If you are worried that you might not get the best quality in workmanship for your home, think about the following questions when you are selecting a professional roofing contractor: 

Can they provide you with a list of good references?

If a company has a record of quality workmanship and professionalism it will be indicated by their ability to provide a list of references. But don’t be duped by a list of happy customers that the company has selected while leaving out a multitude of unsatisfied customers. If the contractor says he has a high number of customers, ask for the reviews from all of them or ask for permission to contact some at random.

How is roof inspection completed by the contractor?

Many times a failure to properly inspect the current state of your roof can result in hidden costs to you that should have been noticed beforehand or (even worse) a substandard installation of the product. Further, it is possible that without a proper inspection a contractor can miss a major point of concern on your roof. Doing so might allow for costly damage to occur in the future. South-west Roofing retains a qualified Registered Roof Observer at our cost to maintain our internal quality control procedures.

South-west Roofing provides a free inspection report of your roof with your cost proposal, and maintains inspection procedures throughout the project.

Will there be subcontractors on your roof or employees of the company you hired?

There is always a lot of discussion regarding the use of subcontractors vs. employees in residential roofing projects. The truth is this, there are good subcontractors and bad subcontractors just as there are good employees and bad employees. Good subcontractors make a good living as a result of their attention to detail just as good employees do. The important question is will they complete your project with proper industry recognized standards. South-west Roofing maintains a qualified employee crew with certified staff to ensure proper installation. We also in peak times retain quality subcontractors with whom we have extensive experience with. In both circumstances our quality control procedures ensure that the work is completed to the highest standards.

Speaking of insurance – is the contractor’s liability insurance in good standing?

If a contractor is covered properly through liability insurance, any damage that happens to your property is therefore covered. Make sure for your peace of mind that the amount of insurance is enough, that the insurance covers the type of work being performed on your property, and that their insurance is current and not expired. If you are still concerned, get a copy of the insurance papers and call the agent for further validation.

Are their workers adequately trained?

Almost anyone can hang out a sign saying they are a roofing contractor. However, inexperienced site personnel result in leaks or damage to your house. We employ a vigorous in house training program “ticketed” roofers. Talk to your contractor. Is he confident in his knowledge, or does he go with “good enough to get paid attitude? Is he knowledgeable of industry standards and resources available such as RCABC? A good roofing contractor has connections and resources throughout the industry and is typically involved with these resources on a regular basis.

Do they have quality customer service?

Most people look at their roof and are more concerned with the product than with the people they are hiring to actually do the job. Look for someone with a history of being there when something goes awry. If they won’t be there when you need them, then you don’t need them.

How varied are the choices you can make?

Anyone who has researched available roofing materials can likely relate to feeling overwhelmed by the options available. New products abound, yet the tried and true products still survive. At South-west we recommend that choices be limited to products and systems with a proven track record of 20 years plus. Many products have come and gone over the years and the new ones typically have one thing in common. Failure. Very few “new” products will be around 10 years from now, leaving their “lifetime” warranties of little value. Even manufacturers of traditional materials come and go, leaving failures behind.

Call us for information on what materials have a proven track record and which ones are known for leaving owners in the lurch.

Will they stand by their work?

Is the contractor you are contacting difficult to deal with? If so, you can almost be certain that they will be difficult to deal with should a problem arise after the work is completed. Don’t be fooled that just because a contractor provides a written guarantee of their work means they will take care of you after you have paid for their services.

Make sure you know what you are getting.

The truth is that it is very simple and not very costly to start a roofing company. There are no requirements in place by the government to prove a company is competent for the job. Unfortunately, this means that homeowners often pay the price for inadequate workmanship by having to pay for the job to be done again when a poor installation is completed. Make sure you are educating yourself on what a good roofing company looks like – one that has the right insurance, the right employees, and the right customer service for your needs.