Q&A – About Our Cedar to Asphalt and Cedar to Metal Conversion Services

What kinds of conversions are there? Why do people get conversions done?

There is primarily two types of cedar conversions, Cedar to Fibreglass Reinforced Asphalt Laminated Shingles and Cedar to Metal Roofing. The reasons for this are varied but typically fall into one of three categories, Cost savings- as Asphalt Shingle roofs are 2/3 the cost of a cedar roof. Choice of styles and colours – Customers can choose from a range of colour styles and patterns. Longer Product Lifespans – customers can normally get a reasonable warranty on asphalt shingles with 10-year warranty on labour, or as is the case with Metal Roofing, a roof that should outlast the building. Environmental concerns also have come to the forefront of these decisions, where Metal Roofing is considerably easier on the environment than cedar or asphalt.

Does it change the overall value of the house?

Yes, typically it can increase the value of the home with a new roof, a transferable warranty and lowers home insurance cost.

Is cedar to asphalt shingle conversions becoming more common?

Yes, due to the high-cost of cedar, customers feel they get more value for their dollar with a conversion.

Is cedar to metal roofing conversions becoming more common?

Yes, the advances in metal roofing technology provide ways to greatly increase the reliability of metal roofing with reduced costs compared to decades ago. The new types of metal roofing are gaining significantly in market share where the homeowner is looking for a high-end product that also provides long-term reliability. Also with the environment becoming a greater concern in many aspects of our lives, metal roofing is becoming much more popular.