In the highly moist region of BC and especially Vancouver, moss and algae flourish and spread rapidly. The climatic conditions of this region play a pivotal role in algae growth on the roof surface and inside as well. Mostly it forms stains and streaks on the roof which accelerate the process of degradation of roof and reduce its life. The north facing houses or the properties which have no direct access to sunlight are affected even more as they stay damp due to the dampness prevalent in this part of the world.

As far as Moss is concerned, it can spread on your entire roof surface, which also may clog your drains. Plus, rainwater could create even worse problems, which may need immediate maintenance.

South-West Roofing has a specially trained squad to deal with Moss and Algae issues. Our latest cleaning techniques safely eliminate all kinds of algae, mildew, fungal decay and other stains.

Once the treatment is done, your roof will look good as new and free of all substances that cause decay. We believe in delivering services that caters to every single one of your needs and concerns. South-West Roofing is committed to using all eco-friendly products and we care about the stability of the environment.