Commonly known as “Mod Bit”, “Torch On” or Torch Down”, modified bitumen membrane is a waterproof membrane for roofing. There are many different options depending on roof system required.  Typically, it is a 2 ply system comprising of a base sheet membrane covered by a granulated cap sheet membrane.  Either layer can be heat welded, or adhered, or for base sheet, mechanically fastened is an option.  When compared to the traditional built up roof (BUR) membrane, Mod Bit membrane flexible even at low temperatures, greater elasticity, greater tear resistance, and improved aging characteristics.  For the climate in our market, it is probably the best flat roofing choice.

Our workers undergo ongoing training and skill development to ensure that each roof is installed with utmost care. We provide 10 year’s workmanship warranty for any defects or issues with the roof.

South-West Roofing Inc. has earned the unique ability within the industry to provide this value to its customers.

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