Vancouver and other parts of BC are moderate rain-forest areas that take more than 2500mm of shower every year. The people residing in these areas remain under constant pressure of maintaining their residential and commercial properties. Roof systems react to the weather and climatic conditions, they expand and contract that results into cracking and splitting of partial or entire roofs.

Keeping these considerations into mind, South-West Roofing offers Re-Roofing services performed by highly knowledgeable, capable and skilled workers using the latest equipment. Re-Roofing your house, commercial, or strata buildings can extend your property’s life and increase the overall worth and value of the building.

Following are the major obvious signs when to go for Re-Roofing:

  • Loose, curled or cracked shingles
  • Water leakage or ceiling stains
  • Decaying plywood deck
  • Noticeable nail heads
  • Aged roof

By upgrading and changing your damaged roof, your home will be in a better condition for many years in future. It brings to light any hidden leakage that you may not have noticed, especially after severe weather like storms and winds.

Re-Roofing also upgrades the beauty of your property as you have an opportunity to change the colour scheme and update to the latest styles which may be in trend. If you look at the long-term advantages of Re-Roofing, the most significant one is the gain in your property’s value and the increase in worth.

We believe in safety first policy – safety for both – our workers and occupants. It must be noted that we use Eco-friendly products that comes with manufacturer’s warranty.