As a homeowner, your home is an asset and needs care and maintenance.  There is a lot of time and resources that have been invested into it and when it comes to the raw material which goes into the construction, you should never settle for anything but the best. One of the most significant part of your home is the roofing and you need a trusted name to do the job. South-West Roofing Inc. has an experience of over 33 years of providing professional roof installations in the Lower Mainland, whistler and the Sunshine Coast. Since 1985, our dedicated and qualified technicians are known to deliver the best roofing installations using only high-quality materials and the best practices. Along with our many other commitments, we promise to deliver you:

  • Roofing services which are reasonable.
  • Residential and commercial roofing which is long-lasting and durable
  • Weather tough materials used which last longer than the average roof does.
  • A guarantee of ten years of workmanship and leakage resistance since the quality of the material used is top notch.
  • Total assurance of you and your family’s comfort, plus increase in the worth of your property.

Before you reach to any decision, we arrange a thorough need assessment of your roofing requirements. This assessment makes sure that your needs are perfectly aligned with what we deliver. Our prime focus is to make sure that we design the roof that is low on maintenance and high in quality. A South-West professional expert will come to visit to analyse your roofing needs, collect details and take measurements and provide a thorough review of your roofing situation. The expert will have samples of latest roofing styles for your convenience.

South-West Roofing extends its services by providing free consultation on any residential, Commercial or strata roofing needs. The assessment includes measurement, dimensions, samples, estimated evaluation of the total project and most importantly, it answers all your issues and concerns.  

After the selection and design process is complete, and it comes to the installation, we rely on the following things:

  • Our qualified team who have vast knowledge about their field.
  • Their commitment to providing the best.
  • Their experience of more than 30 years in this field which stands them in good stead.
  • Their hi-tech equipment which is the latest in technology which ensures accuracy.

For us, our clients and their property are our top priority. Thus, for our client’s satisfaction and peace of mind, all our workers and technicians are licensed and properly insured to perform their job efficiently.

Once your roofing is successfully performed, you will be contacted to set up a follow up visit to inspect and assess the overall functioning of your roof. To maintain an ideal performance, homeowners must ensure that a regular inspection and maintenance system is in place. The regular practice of maintenance assures the strength and sturdiness of your roof. This also prevents leakage damage and its outflow that could spread to the other areas of your property.

South-West Roofing is a responsible roofing company that is committed to minimize environmental damage. We take all necessary measures to create the least amount of pollution and conserve the natural environment.